Thursday, September 21, 2006

same job, new place, new blog

I'm finally getting around to getting a new blogging space going ... and this is it. When I left the University of Auckland I left my old blog Newped behind. I didn't feel it was right to keep logging into the old server while i was out of the institution, and I kind of wanted to start a blank slate. newped was already taken on blogspot so i had to fish around for something else and well, this just came to me turning the corner from princess to shortland street about in front of the Graphic Novel cafe so here it is. I think it will be a bit different than what newped was... we'll see. Theres still quite a bit to do around here - and this post is mostly just a test, but grab my feed and i promise to produce. cheers.



pasqualeorlando said...

interessante scelta. un saluto dall'italia.

Cathy Kell said...

Brent, it's a great name! "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" played a huge role in my early days of literacy work (1980 or so), inspired by Paulo Freire. In fact, the book was banned in South Africa in the days of apartheid. It was widely circulated and hugely influential. I was given a photocopied version to study as part of my initiation into radical literacy work and I had to keep it in the little space we made under the floorboards inside the kitchen cupboard. I may still have that old copy that got mouldy around the edges.
OK. One of Freire's 'mobilising metaphors' was the idea that "reading the word was reading the world", that the process of reading could not be separated from the content that it carried, and that this act of reading was therefore inherently transformatory.
Now for the new "compressed", the techno-geeks like you, the crowd in the flnw network etc, I'm trying to make the analogies. Certainly as Gunther Kress has been writing about for ages - writing is coming to the centre stage rather than reading. That is hugely important and the new technologies certainly allow for that. In addition, the shift to multimodal forms of communication (and the flnw site is a great working example of that) provides new spaces. The relation between medium and message is a hugely fraught one in the world of the web though. I find most of the stuff I read in the general technosphere impossibly overblown and narcissistic. So reading the word seems very far away for me from readng the world as Freire implied, thinking of it as a kind of critical literacy. So the affordance of the new technologies are going to throw up all sorts of new problems and inequalities (as I was trying to make the point in the flnw video clip - not sure how to link that).
So, your title has made me reflect on the triumphalism of new narratives about technology and transformation - I'll keep watching.