Friday, August 17, 2007

eXe 1.0 Released

Today marks a bit of a watershed for me - the eXe team has released the long awaited 1.0 version of the eLearning XHTML Editor.


The highs and lows of working on an Open Source project could fill a large, large... blog post, but all I can say is that at the moment it feels pretty good. It feels good to have been part of something that has had input and impact on a global scale. Along the way the eXe team has physically been places: Australia, Ghana, USA, India, Netherlands, Peru and the US talking about eXe, giving workshops, participating in the community, and we've met heaps of people from all over the world online as well. So here's also a huge "cheers" to all those people who asked questions on the forums, filed bug reports, translated eXe, blogged about us, stopped by IRC to have a chat, or even just downloaded it and gave it a shot.

Its not easy. No way is it easy. Making software completely from scratch is a hard yard and you can see why a lot of it just languishes on Sourceforge. But making Open Source software can be incredibly rewarding if you can pull it off. And I think that we may have done just that ... time for a beer.


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