Monday, September 24, 2007

More Wikimedia hacks - Instant Commons

In light of the preceding post I think it's also worth mentioning the Instant Commons as well. Another great hack around the MediaWiki software that will allow any MediaWiki installation access and usage of any uploaded media file from the Wikimedia Commons. Instant Commons-enabled wikis will cache Commons content so that it would only be downloaded once, and subsequent pageviews would load the locally existing copy rather than the Wikimedia foundations servers. If this could be combined with some localized search interface ... perhaps using Grub to index Commons content ... now we're talking.

There's an test of Instant Commons available here.

Image: Instant Yakisoba (CC-By-SA)

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Elise said...

Your best bet for Wikimedia Commons search is still Mayflower. Now it just needs to be transformed into a MediaWiki extension. It would be interesting to make it always search Commons regardless of which wiki it was installed at. Maybe similar to the ImportFreeImages extension that searches Flickr.