Saturday, October 07, 2006

Control-C, Control-T, Control-V

First person to explain what this title means wins a free web browser.


Leigh Blackall said...

copy, new tab, paste..

someone isn't hpertexting their links for you Brent? Was it me...?

Isä said...

It works! Even in the browsers on Mac the “apple+T” gives me a new tab. Didn’t know it. Thank you guys!

You learn so great things everyday in this global network, don’t you? :-) -Teemu

brent said...

leigh... no, not you - you are a fastidious hypertexter. it just occurred to me how almost second nature doing this triumvurate of actions had become to me. you win the free browser, but from answering the question we could infer that you probably already have it :-)

poor IE folk will catch on soon (if they can fix all the bugs in thier new offering.)

Teemu -- welcome, glad that we could be of some assistance to you! good to hear from you again.

may the middle-click be with the both of you.

brent said...

wonder after wonder... we just discovered today that by hitting cntrl-tab you can cycle through your open tabs in Firefox.

Leigh Blackall said...

so you can! good tip. And ctrl>shift>tab lets you go through your tabs in the other direction ;)