Thursday, October 05, 2006

micropedagogical dump #1

micropedagogies - mobile pedagogies adjusting to shifting environments, landscapes, users, locations, devices. As opposed to 'grand narrative' pedagogies. users/learners/students provide the input. Pedagogies that emerge in response to environments: a vestibular system for learning situations.

Instead of grand narratives of teaching and learning, pedagogies emerge as far more mobile and fluent adjustments towards environments and user/learner demands or requirements. A range of strategies and tactics enable the teacher/facilitator in this approach to guide learning environments towards efficacy and to spin the technologies provided by many sources towards the learning experience. The teacher is a technologist (this is not new - they always have been!)

An example: Flickr - the popular image sharing site provides a range of fairly simple tools for the upload, tagging and simple manipulation of images and text. It also provides an environment for adding notes, comments, starting groups/discussions and supplying licensing on user generated content. There are multiple ways in which Flickr may be used as an environment to generate discussion, learning, creation. Pedagogical approaches (learning designs?) towards an environment like Flickr become valuable approaches that can be shared amongst teachers (without all that pesky XML!). A pedagogy of the compressed.

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Thanks to for making me start thinking this thru some more; he is truly compressed but fully realized.


Leigh Blackall said...

Yes indeed Brent. I think your thinking here fits everything we have been discussing. Here's my attempt at a model, using your microcontent idea, Konrad's progressive discourse, and Stephen's world view of education...

alexanderhayes said...


The pedagogy of the compressed has now gone micro no less. We need to better understand your pedagogical referent here Brent lest it be lost in the annals of the bright-ideas basket.

I'd really like to know more of what you've coined compressed because in all the ramblings of the connectivist vs. the constructivists and beyond - your musings on the new and progressive micro-movable and sometimes self assigned model is more fitting for my learners than any other I know.

I like your ideas. I need to love them to keep coining the pedagogy of the compressed.

Lets make it cool for school.

martin lindner said...

micropedagogies, microcontent ... hey, may i point you all to our Microlearning2007 conference? see OK, it is at the other side of the world, in Austria, but i really would love to discuss this there.